Ever missed an hourly bus to go to the airport? Stuck shivering in single digit Pittsburgh weather for 30 minutes while waiting for the 61D bus? Struggling to afford Uber’s flat fee? These problems could all be solved by our app: Green Connectors. We utilize a symbiotic carpooling system to increase user efficiency and take a step towards a greener Earth. Our goal is to remove the monetary incentive from the ridesharing system and instead focus on community and sustainability.

What it does

We match users who need a ride to those that are already driving to a destination. Users who need a ride to a location simply need to enter a destination into the app and wait for a driver to pick them up. From the POV of the driver, the driver will simply enter a destination into the interface and the app will show a list of users along the way who have a similar destination. Our algorithm will calculate who the driver should pick up and how much additional travel time will be needed. Each user’s name will be accompanied by a photograph that links to their profile. The driver is awarded credits for priority if they need rides in the future. To view our app in action, check out the image gallery and demo video!


-Save money on Ubers/Lyfts/Taxis -Faster than buses -Get places faster with carpool lanes -Environmentally friendly -Future potential: run ads/generate small amount of revenue to pay off people’s parking

How we built it

We implemented the UI in Android Studio after prototyping with PowerPoint. The backend is coded with Python, Django, and GeoPy. The map services are from Google Maps API.

Possible Issues

Safety is a big problem because people need to know that their drivers are safe. To combat this, we prototyped the trustworthiness rating. Furthermore, users of the app will need to upload legal documentation proving their ability to drive.

What's next for Green Connectors

The next steps to expanding our app's functionality are to link the backend and UI and connect user profiles to Facebook to allow friends to efficiently carpool.

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