The Problem:

It is a challenging task for marketing managers or business owners to effectively handle a large amount of customer feedbacks in managing their brands or customer satisfaction. Customer feedback can come from emails or social media comments. A Microsoft Office user may have collected hundreds or thousands of such comments and stored them in a Word document for easy retrieval. However, when the document gets long, it becomes very difficult to obtain useful information form such a collection of data.

The Solution:

This add-in leverages advanced natural language processing technologies for text data analysis, and can extract valuable business insights from a large amount of customer feedback data. For any product or service, various aspects or features of the product or service are automatically identified from the raw data, together with comments related to each feature. The comments are further categorized and highlighted based on the sentiment types. This way, you can easily see what good things your customers are saying about specific features of your product/service, and what issues they are having with this specific feature.

Compared with the raw data you have collected, this app can not only greatly enhance your productivity, but also give you valuable business insights from an otherwise unmanageable amount of raw data, and make such data actionable.

This technology can further be integrated into different types of data processing tools, in addition to Microsoft Office.

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