Adaptavist Test Management for JIRA Server is a product that Adaptavist believe is the best option for Test & QA teams looking to manage their testing within JIRA. We have had lots of interest from Test & QA teams who are using JIRA Cloud and have sadly until now had to end their interest in our solution once we discover they are not using JIRA Server or JIRA Data Centre. We wanted to change that and provide the features customers wanted in a Test Management solution for JIRA Cloud.

What it does

Adatavist Test Management brings the core features of our server version to JIRA Cloud. This initial release is not as feature rich as the server version due to the time available but it does enable:

  • Test Case Management - create, update, delete test cases.
  • Linking JIRA issues and Test Cases & Runs to provide traceability.
  • Organise Tests into Test Runs to then be executed in our Test Player.
  • Folder hierarchies for Test Case & Test Run organisation.
  • Drag and drop for easier management of the test artefacts.
  • A selection of key reports for testing progress and traceability.
  • Project level configuration

How we built it

We re-implemented the backend using Ratpack based on the Server REST APIs. Data is stored in a dedicated database, accessed by the REST API. The frontend Angular application is the same for Server and Cloud. Feature flags for the features that are in server but not yet implemented in cloud were added so features can be enabled as soon as the backend supports them. Some adjustments were required to make it compatible with the Cloud environment, such as changing the APIs used for opening a JIRA issue dialog.

Challenges we ran into

It was not possible to re-use any of the Server backend code so we had to re-implement it. Maintaining AUI and ADG3 compatibility in the same codebase is something we haven't solved yet.

Having a single page application inside an iFrame was definitely a challenge. We needed to synchronise the iFrame URL with the browser's URL and vice versa, in order to have the same behaviour we have on Server version. This way we can make use of permalinks as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having a robust AWS infrastructure that will support a growth in user base & will be ready to support multi-region data hosting with data security protected. We are also able to support zero downtime upgrades to the add-on in the Continuous Delivery approach.

Having only started development in May we are very proud of the features we have so far in the add-on. Reusing the same codebase of the frontend for both Server and Cloud versions, which will make the maintenance much easier.

What we learned

It is possible to reuse a Single Page App frontend when doing connect development. How to use the javascript API of the Connect framework.

What's next for Test Management for JIRA Cloud

We have a backlog of features to incorporate into the cloud version to bring it inline with the server based product. Expect rapid improvements over the coming months as features get added as soon as they are ready to ship.

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