Mode of transport to work for most Singaporeans is by public transport. Travel journeys on the MRT for most can take any time between 3 to 90 minutes. Spending ~90 minutes on the train could pose risks to such commuters. During peak hours, it is highly unlikely for safety distancing to be implemented. With such close proximity, should there be a carrier present, there could potentially be a spread of disease. To speed up the process of contact tracing, it would be ideal to find out who was in the same carriage at the same time as the carrier.

What it does

When people enter the MRT gantries, they use their ezlink/credit cards which could be logged in to an app like Simplygo which tells the time and location where the user enters and exits an MRT station. However, efforts would have to be made to identify the person through cctv throughout the whole journey and track down people he had been standing close to, should the person contract covid. This requires a lot of time and effort. As such, our solution aims to help contact tracers track down these potential carriers in the most direct way possible. QR code or SMS instructions will be put up on platforms. Users can either scan the QR code to open up the SimplyGO app to log in their carriage number, or manually log in by sending an SMS. At the end of the journey, If everyone in the MRT carriage submits their details, it will be easy to check who has been together in the same carriage at the same estimated time by checking the server logs.

How we built it


Challenges we ran into

How to get people to adopt this. That said, we are exploring the idea to convert participation to points to encourage adoption.

What's next for MRTracers

This idea could potentially be used in other crowded areas and help in dispersing crowds.

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