One of the best ways to communicate with others is to send and receive physical mail. However, some of us may not be familiar or need a refresher on how snail mail works. We created a website that simulates this experience to make mail easier to understand. 📬

What it does

This is a letter written to people on the internet explaining how to write and send a letter. As you scroll through the site, you are taken through the letter-writing process from getting the right materials to shipping the letter.

How I built it

We used webflow, Adobe Illustrator, and free vectors from macrovector.

Challenges I ran into

This was our first time using Webflow. It was a great opportunity to learn how to build with it and I would love to continue exploring it. We also started the event late, since we had earlier commitments in the day, and we acknowledge the struggle we had with the shortened amount of time for this event in producing our hack.

What's next for Dear Internet

We would like to continue to refine the design and experience of this site. We want to continue to polish it and use more features in webflow to do so.

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