I was recently tested for COVID (due to travel reasons), and I could not decide which testing site would best suit my needs. I needed a site with a quick result turnaround time (<2days of my departure day), a walk-in site (not drive-through), and one which would take my insurance. I also preferred one with a low amount of waiting in line time. The Maryland testing site website was unorganized, and I could not figure out which sites required appointments or met my criteria. It wasn't until a friend recommended a place she had gone that I made my decision. Thus, my team and I were inspired to make a one-stop platform for COVID testing information.

What it does

This app uses a zipcode or the user's current location to show the user which testing sites are in close proximity to that location on a map. The user can then click on the testing sites to see information such as whether it is a drive through, how long the average wait time is, etc. The user can also see reviews of people who have attended those sites before and can write their own review.

How we built it

We used Android Studio to create this app. We used several Google APIs to help.

Challenges we ran into

None of our team members had worked with APIs before, so it was difficult to implement them. It was also a challenge working as a team via zoom in such a constrained time period.

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