Original Inspiration

This was originally supposed to be a test submission to see how devpost works for SacHacks but then I couldn't figure out how to delete. Even though I could just hide this, I realized this could be another good place to share my resources so why not.


A good friend of mine had told me that it's a niche skill to critique resumes after I gave him some feedback. He was usually the one friend everyone went to for resume help and was confident in his resume until I pointed out some mistakes.

What it does

This is a presentation on my resume critique and feedback

How I built it

Over the past few years, I've seen a lot of people commit very similar mistakes within their resumes, so instead of feeling like a robot and to avoid repeating myself, I started to accumulate my advice into a document so I could copy and paste from there instead.

Challenges I ran into

I'd say the most common challenge is repetition and accessibility of sharing my resources. Once I published my article last year, I would share the link to that instead.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud to say that several friends have told me they got more interviews after my feedback, so I'm glad to have helped them in their job hunting journey

What I learned

I learned that even if a friend is really hard working and skilled, they could still just as easily not get the job just because they didn't know how to market themselves properly through their resume or LinkedIn. Having a presentable resume is just as important in getting yourself recognized and I'm glad to be a great resource to anyone who needs it.

What's next for ACM Resume Workshop

I will continue to critique people's resumes whenever they need the help. I feel like if I can get enough interest, maybe I could even start hosting live feedback on Twitch. One can dream.

What's the image that's attached?

I had attended the Bob Ross event and really enjoyed it. I just thought I'd attach it here just for fun. I also added in an Octocat for the contest on Twitter.

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