In this pandemic, life has come to a point when we are facing the danger of being attacked by COVID-19 (CORONA VIRUS) ,most importantly people from underdeveloped countries being scared of not getting the proper medical support due to the lack of kit supply. Besides this, people are also suffering from dengue, swine flu and viral fever all over the world. So, many of us get confused to assume whether the fever he/she is suffering from is because of corona virus, dengue, swine flu or viral fever. Moreover many of us still don't know to what extent we are ready to resist these diseases.

What it does

It can detect the probability of the disease you/your loved ones are suffering from. You can also check your resistance against these diseases. Furthermore, you get to know what preventive measures you should take right now.

How I built it

I know how scared people are already. So, I didn't want to make this a complicated process so they don't feel uncomfortable while using it. I built a simple form using html, css, javascript, php and bootstrap and took the data on multiple steps from the users. The users simply tick the fields of symptoms and preventive measures and finally submits the form. It barely takes 5-10 minutes to fill up and submit. Then I take the data they provide and compare them with the symptoms and resistance measures of the diseases. After analyzing these data, it provides the final result.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge was to make the result as correct as possible. The symptoms of the four diseases (COVID-19, Dengue, Swine Flu and Viral Fever) are very close to each other. I first thought that the user will see symptoms based on the option he/she checked last. But the symptoms are so close that it overlaps in most cases. As this is a case of peoples' lives and panic, I didn't want to take the risk. I decided to show all the symptoms and preventive measures at once. Thus the user can know the probability of getting affected by each disease. Some other challenges were to research the symptoms, know the latest updates about these diseases and update the code accordingly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I live in a underdeveloped country named Bangladesh. Many people of our country do not even get to know if they have got affected by these diseases because of the lack of testing kit & poor healthcare services, let alone properly diagnosed. Moreover, they are panic right now because of rumors and lack of proper knowledge. But the plus point is most of the people of country are connected to the internet. So, I decided that I will take this chance and help to create mass awareness by letting them know the primary result based on their symptoms. And the result was beyond my expectation. The people of my country loved it so much that almost 4000+ people from all over the country used my website in just 24 hours! They loved it so much and said that it cleared all their doubts and eradicated panic. The thing they mostly praised was that they can easily know the primary result right from their home in these home quarantine days.

What I learned

I got to know which part of my country has the greatest and least threat, which gender is mostly threatened and whether the people are well prepared or not based on the data they provided. I also learned that there will be always a problem. But it depends on us whether we will complain about it all day long or create the solution by ourselves for the greater good.

What's next for Test COVID-19, Dengue, Swine Flu and Viral Fever Online

Now, I have built a global version for the whole world so that people from any country can use this website. I am preparing to take it to the next level in which we can detect the gps location, identity of the user and notify the authority right away if he faces a greater chance of getting affected/has least preventive measures. The nearby hospitals will be also notified. Moreover I will update the latest symptoms, preventive measures and build an app for it.

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