We were finding it difficult to find teammates with the complement of our skills. We realised sitting in the room for the team making process, that almost everyone faces this problem some time or the other. Hackathon organisers have a tough time ensuring everyone finds a team. Developing a tinder like app for team making makes it a lot easier for the participants as well as the organisers.

What it does

  1. We take information from a participant about what kind of people he is looking for(in terms of skills), his idea, his own skill set, his existing team size, etc.
  2. We make suggestions depending on what he needs and the skill sets of the other participants who are taking part in the same hackathon event.
  3. Depending on the swipes he makes and the other participants make matches are made, and contact numbers are shared.
  4. Event organisers can create new events and share the event tags with the participants to use for team formation.

How we built it

We got the idea while we were trying to form our team at this very event(Swamphacks 2017). We brainstormed on our idea, developed the backend services and the android app together.

Challenges we ran into

We were previously trying to integrate chat into our app and spent a lot of time on that. We later switched back to just sharing contact numbers between the matches due to time constraints.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning and developing the entire android app within 2 days. None of us had any previous experience in android.

What's next for test

We have to integrate the existing app with github/linkedin api for getting the skill set. We are trying to integrate chat into our system rather than sharing phone number[WIP]. We will also deploy the backend services

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