It started 6 years ago, when my wife was pregnant for the first time. That days, Android apps were the hottest thing. I decided to develop my first Android app and it was about Pregnancy. Later on, I developed another Pregnancy Android app that created beautiful and unique widgets. Today, my wife is pregnant, again, and Bots are the next hottest thing. Here I am. Again ;)

Slack is a product for teams; small and big. I think, every team should give a place for sharing and be informed about future mothers and fathers in the team. It's fun, exciting, enlightening and touching.

What it does

  • Set duedate and check your daily status.
  • Read about each of the pregnancy weeks.
  • Play and learn through quiz games.
  • Check who is pregnant in your team.

How I built it


  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS Gateway API
  • AWS EC2 (Ubuntu)
  • AWS S3
  • AWS CloudWatch
  • AWS Route 53
  • Java + Golang + Coffee

What's next for Pregnancy bot

  • Improve latency in responses and clean the code ;)
  • Add private bot in addition to commands.
  • Add much more cool features.
  • Sync and connect the Bot to Mobile apps.
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