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The idea of our app was born at the local Spark AR hackathon that was hold on February 29 in Minsk, Belarus. We came there as strangers with zero knowledge about this technology. But we collaborated, studied during the process and at the end of the day our project was ready. We decided to stop with this idea because it was something we could create within 6 hours during hackathon. But later we understood that it has a great potential. Users can discover an absolutely new experience using our effect.

What it does

It creates a mirror with two smaller mirrors inside. User can place it anywhere in the world. He or she can move and scale it according to own preferences.

Common effect showcase:
1) point your camera at your friend and move the mirror wherever he wants
2) let your friend pretend like he's holding the mirror (you can easily move the mirror in his hands)
3) you can even tap at the object to make inner mirrors rotate
4) take a photo or capture a video!

How we built it

This effect was built with Spark AR. We used built in plane tracker to place our object into the world. It can be moved and scaled to find a perfect position. This object contains three pictures with frames but all have different size. These pictures have adjusted camera texture to display live video stream from phone's camera.

Challenges we ran into

Our effect uses 3D picture frame. It has it's own unique size and aspect ratio different from any devices. The main challenge was to adjust camera texture properly, so it could fit all phones and tablets with various screen sizes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The challenge above was successfully accomplished. The solution requires additional textures with unique transparent top and bottom created specially for different devices divided into three categories. Depending on the screen aspect ratio we attach required material during runtime.

What we learned

When we started this project we knew nothing about creating effects using Spark AR. It was absolutely new experience for us. Now we have solid knowledge about Spark AR in common, about creating logic using patch editor, creating animations, using scripts and handling screen gestures.

What's next for Infinity Mirrors

We want to improve our size fitting system to make it perfect. We also think about adding some additional visual effects to make users experience even more fabulous. Later we want to add a frame change option.

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