Inspiration was people who sell to fast own tokens. I always hear " I will buy and not touch this few year" - after 50% profit someone is selling all :D Imagine this PiggyBank is exist in 2010 and you block for fun BTC for 1, 5 or 10 years. You can also block token for your child, make piggy with some blocked time and every month send some token. You can pay for someone with time offset.

What it does

PiggyBank is a app where everyone can send PIG token to own or another user Piggy. Specify the lock time of your PIG tokens (in blocks). Your token will be ready to unlock when the network reaches the unlock time. You can still add new token to Piggy, and if you want you can also increase blocked time. You can also lock PIG tokens for someone else by providing their address, only if the recipient doesn't have anything in the PiggyBank yet. If your friend already have PiggyBank you can send him token for increase his balance but you can't increase his blocked time. It is not possible unlock token before reaching unlock time. Everybody who block their token for 1000 or more block get 5% stake reward.

The three main features of PiggyBank are:

  1. Sending and block token to own Piggy.

  2. Sending blocked tokens for someone else.

  3. Get 5% extra tokens from blocked more than 1000 blocks. (In the future, you can adjust. The greater the time period, the greater the reward)

How we built it

This app is built with Lisk SDK and react frontend.

Is created one module schema which is changing every account schema for blocked balance and start - end locked time.

Is also created two new transaction one for block tokens and second for unlock tokens.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Privately, I am a CNC programmer and passionate about 3D printing, it was a big challenge for me. Blockchain learning and functional app built by a total beginner. How easy it is if someone takes the time and can create such an application.

What's next for PiggyBank

Waiting for Lisk sidechains to connect it. User can block in future Lisk token or any side chain token and take reward in Piggy token.

Built With

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