In order to maintain FACE's original theme that the original users were familiar with, we took our inspiration from the FACE website and maintained the same color schemes. A simple yet effective interface was a major inspiration for our website and code.

What it does

Our website simplifies the application process for pet owners and pet hospitals, ensuring that applications are complete before being sent to FACE. It allows the users to save drafts and edit changes in case they wish to work on it later or add more pets to their application.

How I built it

Before immediately designing and coding, our team got together and drew sample UI designs on whiteboards. We could easily vision our designs and make changes as needed. Then, we created pseudocode for our program and crucial aspects of our code we would need to implement. As we did that, we split up our work and had some of us work on the Wix website, others on artwork and design, and lastly focus the rest focus on code.

Challenges I ran into

We had a hard time finding a good way to collaborate in an effective way. Furthermore, we found ourselves scrabbling to put materials on google docs and communicate what they were for. However, we were able to successfully divide material and work in smaller groups together depending on what we had strengths in. For example, Tiffany and Robin worked together on artwork and design, as those were their strong aspects.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that my team was able to come together equal to accomplish our website. We were able to work efficiently and every piece of our site was designed together. It was amazing how when we were brainstorm, random ideas would blend so perfectly together.

What I learned

I learned the importance of effective collaboration. Even in the real world, working together as a team is crucial to success. Furthermore, our mentor taught us a lot of things that would show useful in our website like JSON and 2FA.

What's next for us

We want to implement JSON and 2FA into the website, polish the site, and fully implement the idea to the actual idea. We hope that through our visuals and pseudocode, we will be able to make our code flawless and flexible for users to access. Furthermore, we want to expand our audience on a larger scale with more exposure.

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