Our team comes from a healthcare background and our work focuses on reaching underserved patients. We see many parallels to the challenges EMR’s have tried to solve for physicians keeping track of patients. With Clover, we wanted to focus on improving communication between CoC case managers and their chronically homeless clients. Chronically homeless clients have reported that the feeling of hopelessness as one of the primary causes for distrusting service providers as well as returning to substance use. We developed Clover to be the single interface to services clients can trust to keep them updated about their path to housing while giving them access to the right resources at the right time, wherever they are.

Note: We did not procur the actual Clover shortcode for the demo (although, it is available), you can try texting in requests for shelter, food, transportation, etc at 314-207-0366.

What it does

  • Creates a safety net to capture those who are most at-risk of losing their homes
  • Streamlines access to resources while enabling seamless referrals between agencies
  • Increases business intelligence sophistication to measure efficiency of programming & increase private donations

How we built it

  • Base incoming message service using Twilio to route client to the proper resources in the right location.
  • natural language processing to discern the clients needs and approximate location, even if they send a reply in an unfamiliar format.
  • Node JS server with coffeescript transpiler for highly efficient prototyping

Challenges we ran into

  • There are many handoffs between different organizations and it is unreasonable to put the burden of providing proper documentation on the client.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Leveraging text messages to engage difficult to reach clients
  • Seamless referral/handoff/confirmation/documentation process

What we learned

  • There is an incredible support network of different organizations to help those who are at-risk and currently homeless. It is unreasonable to put the onus of trying to navigate through all the resources on someone who just lost their home - they need help & technology can provide the solution.

What's next for Clover

  • Fee to End User Texting (both sending & receiving)
  • Expanding to multiple cities
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