Who we are

We are the Gulfers, and we believe that environmental pollution could be countered if enough people are invested into it.


The current state of the globe is at great risk because of the increase in global warming, which is produced by multiple factors but mostly resulted from environmental pollution. The truth is, not a lot is being done to counter this, and that's because not enough people are invested in fighting pollution or saving the environment, which can be shown by the total amount of waste produced, vs the amount of waste that's recycled yearly, which is only 35%. And so, we thought of a solution to this, Globewaree.

What it does

Globwaree is a QR code reader/barcode scanner, which scans the barcode of the consumed product, then scans a QR code that's stuck onto a trash bin, which then gives the user points. The user can exchange these points for rewards , for instance, discounts for government-provided products, such as electricity and water, student loans, but also normal products like groceries, and even real money, which can go as high as a million euros. However, cash awards are only reserved for people who manage to accumulate exceptional amounts of points.

This app helps raise awareness for environmental pollution by encouraging citizens to be more mindful and put waste in recycling bins and pick up trash that's laying everywhere in our current societies.

We plan to have the rewards be small at first, so, users would not only throw their trash in recycling bins, but also go out of their way to look for trash that's scattered in the streets and metros, and throw them in the trash bins to increase their points for the rewards.

However, the value of the points is planned to stay low for one year only, and then depending on the amount of waste that's recycled, we plan to decrease the value so that it cannot be exploited.

Moreover, the rewards are more inviting as they're set up in a monarchy fashion, in which 10,000 points would earn the user 1000 euros in student loans/ discount off tickets to sponsored countries, in which the sponsored countries are developing countries who the government will pay the discounted money to in order to help them build their economy.

How we built it

We built our app using Android studio, and used Kotlin and Java

Challenges we ran into

The User Interface buttons not working/ crashing after assigning them to variables, but learning a new coding language, Kotlin, and implementing it into an application was an interesting endeavor for us. It's obvious that coding is much harder if you don't have experience with the programing language that you're going to use.

What's next for Globwaree

Improving our app and turning it into a reality which could help many poor societies and governments, as well as help out developed countries against pollution.

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