My personal inability of choosing clothes with matching colors without spending a huge amount of time in the morning.

What it does

using a color sensor and a lilypad wearable arduino, it senses color automatically and continuously (if above a certain luminosity threshold). You can show the lilypad as many colors as you like and it will tell you whether they match or not based on professional fashion designers' color palettes.

How I built it

I sewed it with a needle and conductive thread -- lots of fun :)

Challenges I ran intos

Color hexcode can be anything → really hard to interpret in human-understandable color names and translate into Conductive thread is really hard to work with -- soldering might have been better at the prototyping stage. Also, thinking about all the tiny different parts that go into this in advance to the hackathon.

What I learned

I learned to program wearable devices, used conductive thread for the first time, and improved my sense of fashion ;)

What's next for Fashionista

  • Turn it into an actual wearable bracelet.
  • Use a bluetooth Lilypad.
  • Potentially run all the code on the Lilypad, without a Python component.
  • Android app (already in development) so people can choose color palettes they like, and create a personalized account with information on their personal wardrobes.
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