• We are submitting to the Staying Sane at Home track.

• We are also submitting a domain for the competition.


• We were inspired by the idea of a digital time capsule. In the digital age, it is difficult to live in the moment and appreciate our relationships. Apps like Facebook or Instagram encourage us to build many superficial relationships rather than focus on the ones that are truly important. Our app asks you to select three people in your life and immortalize them in a digital “time capsule.” This forces you to think about your most important relationships: the ones that you want to keep five, ten, or fifty years from now. We want you to come back to our site from time to time and remember who was, and is, truly important to you.

• People are having a harder time connecting with their friends and peers when forced to stay at home during the recent pandemic. This reduced amount of social contact has led to a decline in the sense of well-being for students and faculty alike.

What it does

• Our app allows you to reflect on your most meaningful relationships and store them on the site as long-term cookies. When you first visit our site, three entry boxes will appear, each with a “remember” button. Once you click submit, the name is locked into memory: the entry box and submit button disappear permanently, leaving only the name. This can only be reversed by erasing the cookies. Additionally, a slideshow of inspirational quotes allows the user to build an even greater appreciation for their relationships.

How we built it

• We used JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to build our app. We stored and accessed cookies using the DOM to store the information in the browser for future access.

Challenges we ran into

• We originally planned to focus on making an app that reminds you to call your friends, but we realized that there was no way to efficiently do this with a web app. A website has no way of sending you a reminder unless it is open, so it would be cumbersome for our user to keep our website open at all times. While we looked into using a database to store this information and send notifications, we felt like this would be too technical given the constraints of time and our level of expertise during this hackathon. We also realized that people may already receive many notifications every day that take them out of the moment, and we wanted to avoid that with our app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

• Identifying a significant problem, proposing solutions, implementing a solution, and pivoting to new methods based on the situation.

• Learning new JavaScript frameworks and methods and quickly deploying them in our app.

• Building a functional project and publishing it.

• Collaborating with a team virtually rather than in-person.

What we learned

• We learned how to collaborate synchronously from different networks using git and GitHub.

• We learned the basics of React in order to explore our initial idea of building a notifications-based app.

• We learned the Document Object Model to dynamically control HTML and CSS elements using JavaScript.

• We learned to work together as a team through the entire progress from ideation to problem-solving to production.

What's next

• We hope to further implement our vision for a user-friendly application that encourages users to form deeper connections (rather than simply more connections) through the non-invasive methods of sending time capsules of what matters to you right now into the future and of keeping track of your connections with others on a simple data visualization screen.

• We hope to port our web application into native mobile applications to allow for greater portability of our software.

• Additionally, we hope to implement a backend database for keeping track of user profiles and their close connections so that they can access their information from any platform without depending on local data storage.

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