Demo Link: Meet Tessa. Tessa is an intelligent on-demand mental health assistant who uses NLU to treat you. From integrated stress-relief techniques to smart mood-tracking-based suggestions, she will help you stay in a healthy mental state during this emotionally-draining year. COVID-19 and election season took a toll on us, and we hope that Tessa will help you tackle what’s to come.

When we scroll down, we can chat with Tessa. Tessa is powered with NLU intent classification using the Google Cloud entity database, Rasa NLU Trainer, and custom entities from past conversations with Tessa, so she can extract emotions from your responses to give you the best experience possible. We built Tessa with React and Node.js and the website with HTML and CSS.

There is also a video chat function for doctors and patients to interact on the website along with emergency help resources. Patients can chat with top-notch doctors for treatment and diagnosis as well as other peers and patients to blow off stress and have some fun in this stressful time.

This application also provides latest live articles pertaining to mental health as well as videos regarding motivation, mindfullness, and yoga. if you click the picture you will be redirected to a youtube link or article.

Our big vision:

  • add a mood-tracker and account function, so people can log on to see their Mental Health Dashboard. The dashboard will include mood graphs and statistics over the past week and month, and lists of potential mood triggers learned from past conversations.
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