Inspiration? The very majestic Tesla Model X

What it does? It gives you the option of opening the doors, front and back trunk when you within a 15 feet radius of the car.

How we built it? We built the Android app on Android Studio using Java.

Challenges we ran into? Synchronizing everyone's work on GitHub, debugging the code to get the exact parking location instead of the course location.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Successfully remotely controlled the car, made the best use of it's features using Google's GeoFence, and Intrepids' API.

What we learned? AndroidNetworking Library, GeoFence, Google Maps, Intrepids' API, and Bluetooth pairing.

What's next for TeslaValet? We envision it to open the trunks automatically if a person comes in its Geofence area, when the car is parked near a grocery store.

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