Finra Challenge. Now Its a personal challenge to make this into an epic project, based on how many different skills that I'm capable of putting into this.

What it does

Takes a price history of a stock and matches the differentials with piano notes then plays the notes. It allows people to recognize patterns with their hearing instead of random data visualization, we can experience data with multiple sense.

How I built it

using C++, I opened the files and processed them FTW.

Challenges I ran into

None, I'm too awesome.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

While an extremely small project that isn't even 10% of a school project, every bit of code that runs is a piece of art.

What I learned

I learned that even small ideas and little practice of coding can extend your abilities, while 99.99% of the code for this was previous knowledge I learned something new. I learned to play sound files with c++.

What's next for teslaTune:

While a complete miss match for c++, I will rewrite this into a small website and connect it to an open DB with stock history for fortune 500. I will use time series smoothing to produce a more fluent tune.

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