Tesla is developing some of the most innovative vehicles in the world--but we think they can do better.

Introducing TeslaJarvis, brought to you by Team IronHack. TeslaJarvis is your personal vehicle assistant, keeping track of your vehicle so you don't have to.

Our user base of Tesla owners can input their TeslaJarvis feature preferences on a custom web application, which was implemented using Flask and Bootstrap. Our key features include RainRoof, SecureShut, HotBox, and HomeCharge. RainRoof simplifies life by shutting the sunroof if you are in a region with a high probability of precipitation using the National Weather Service API. SecureShut verifies that the sunroof and locks have been shut during user-specified times. HotBox gets the temperature inside and outside the car and automatically opens the sunroof if the conditions outside permit, in an effort to cool the interior of the car. Lastly, HomeCharge alerts the driver and opens the Tesla charging port if he or she forgets to plug in their car while at their home.

All of our implemented features text the driver a short but detailed explanation of why TeslaJarvis executed the action.

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