The main inspiration behind the project is the current design in the stock Tesla App is definitely not optimised for iOS 10 or a flat UI design. So my main focus was bringing the design into 2016! and maybe a bit further as sci-fi film UI was my main inspiration

What it does

it controls any model S remotely over the Internet from anywhere in the world it supports all features of the original test APP just in a nice package

How I built it

I use the Tesla API to interface with the car and fire base for data management and for storing the users Tesla token so they do not need to login every time they open their and UI kit and your dynamics for animations

Challenges I ran into

my biggest challenge in creating the App. Was integrating The Tesla API as this is an unofficial API there's no actual support for it and documentation is not really available.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The design was my main focus. so it was clear that the design would need to be excellent excellenc. as the model S is super modern however the original App is not. so I was all set to change this I definitely achieve this goal maybe even succeeded it with the super modern design.

What's next for Tesla RC

next for Tesla RC is the released to the app store. Once Bata testing is complete and I have received the permission from Tesla to publish it.

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