There once was a CS student from 'loo,
Who would always stare at his shoe.
      But he used Eye Contact Simulator 2019,
      And became as smooth as vaseline.
Now he always looks back at you


Imagine the following situation. You're out on a romantic date with an attractive male/female/other/cali recruiter/bus driver and they look over at you. "So, what do you do for a living?" The dreaded question is popped. Actually every question is dreaded, if they keep talking you don't have to do anything except for nod and mumble affirmations under your breath but now you have to respond. You look up, and meet their eyes for a split second but cannot meet his/her/their/xir gaze for long and glance away quickly. "U-um I d-do s-s-so-soft-software". Your date sighs and looks disappointed. Another failure. This could have easily been avoided if you chose another major, but the next best thing is to appear confident by staring them in the eyes. Unfortunately you cannot, because you, like many others have social anxiety and this is what Eye Contact Simulator 2019 is designed to help with.

The University of Waterloo has a lot of students with social anxiety. They often have difficulty making eye contact with others and that can make them appear rude or awkward. This can lead to poor performance in job interviews, romantic encounters and other daily social situations. Eye Contact Simulator 2019 is the Apollo 11 of its generation, the Evangelion of therapy apps, it may be a small step by itself, but it's a giant leap for mankind.

We are very passionate about this topic, and believe that people should not lose out on the opportunity of a lifetime due to their social anxiety, and as such we created Eye Contact Simulator 2019.

What it does

Eye Contact Simulator 2019 uses OpenCV and the webcam on your laptop to move the eyes of a person on your laptop to always make eye contact with you. There are multiple different people you can make eye contact with including attractive celebrities and geometric shapes for those who have real serious difficulties making eye contact. You can train in multiple different settings, which is great for practicing for a certain situation such as romantic dates, someone blocking your path on the way out of the library or your wedding. The people and backgrounds are presented in a dating simulator style to ease the initial stress of early training as this is a familiar setting for our target audience of Waterloo students.

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