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Throughout the global pandemic, the world was able to overcome horrific circumstances through clever utilization of brand new technology. However, psychologists the world over are quantifying the dire toll the past two years have taken. With more and more people exploring therapeutic techniques such as CBT, there needs to be a radical normalization of these methodologies. Terrariam is a unique, holographic experience of a user’s emotional state. By measuring real-time emotional data, Terrariam explores what it means to physicalize an emotional headspace into a three-dimensional landscape, encouraging personal growth, acceptance, and attachment to community.


Ezekiel D’Ascoli, Madeline (Maddy Van) Hulse, Michael Steinberg, and Elizabeth Sheffield


Ezekiel D’Ascoli is a computer science and theatre student at Northeastern University. Newly passionate about XR development, Ezekiel is pursuing a concentration in Human Centered Computing and wishes to push the limitations of modern technology and artistic expression.

Madeline (Maddy Van) Hulse is a computer science and philosophy senior at Northeastern University. She does AR development with the HoloLens 2 as an undergraduate research assistant and likes to make XR projects in her spare time.

Michael Steinberg is a Data Science and Behavioral Neuroscience senior at Northeastern University. He is starting as a full time software engineer at Meta in June 2022, and hopes to continue to work on XR projects in the future.

Elizabeth Sheffield lives in New York City and works as a graphic designer at Chicago Review Press, and she recently got interested in UX design. She has a BFA in graphic design from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. This is her first XR reality hackathon!

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