We play modded Terraria a bunch, and we've tried to mod before.

What it does

Adds sans to terraria

How I built it

By working with the tmodloader modding skeleton, vanilla shader library, and creating some c# files in the modloader repositories.

Challenges I ran into

Locating vanilla files to both edit them and figure out the item file formats, deconstructing the game into cs code files, setting up visual studio, and other things. The Terraria code isn't the most straightforward thing to work with, nor is it very intuitive. C# is hard :C.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning basic python (mostly not used here) and c#, as well as learning the basics of modding Terraria and working with deconstruction of programs.

What I learned

Most of the previous answer

What's next for Sans - SANS IN MINECRAFT

Built With

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