I hope this project will help lots of people in their journey for learning.

I was inspired by the CommonApp, a site that connects you to multiple colleges. I wanted to create a miniature version but for programs and internships. I know a lot of people don't have resources like this or don't know where to look (I started out that way too!), so I developed this website in the pursuits to be that certain guiding hand.

This was actually my first time learning how to code for a website (HTML, CSS, JS), meaning I had to learn all of this on the spot. I'm not sure whether I like torturing myself or I like the challenge. Basically, not having any prior knowledge was the main problem. I also worked alone (due to my insecurities of not knowing anything)- although that might've added onto the stress.

I built this through html, css, and javascript (javascript was most definitely the hardest one).

After this hackathon is over, I will be scouring the internet for programs and internships and hopefully my tree-map of opportunities will be full of lights (if you watch the video, you'll understand). I will be implementing a calendar as well- in order to make deadlines more clear.

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