Building a better tomorrow through environmental sustainability.

What it does

Our project begins with users interacting with our website and filling out a survey about their habits and how that impacts sustainability. Then, they download the game (for mac or windows), and enter a world composed of simulated houses for everyone who has completed the website form. They can tour homes, and complete tasks inside of the houses to lower their environmental damage score.

Remember, every little bit counts. The main objective of this game is simple. Make your home as environmentally sustainable as possible. There will be a series of tasks that can be completed in your home based on how you, the player, answer a survey upon downloading the game. Don’t worry you won’t be alone!

As more players register and join the game more homes will be added creating a community. Your community will have an overall sustainability score so by making your own home more sustainable you’ll simultaneously be improving the environment for everyone!

Now get to it, a sustainable world waits for no one.

How we built it

  • Unity3D game engine backend
  • Google Firebase authentication
  • Google Sheets data collection
  • Static GitHub pages website

Challenges we ran into

  • Integrating the Firebase .NET SDK into Unity
  • Authenticating users in both the web app and desktop game
  • Optimizing a complex 3D game

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A high fidelity 3D game that communicates in real-time with multiple APIs and a custom build web platform

What's next for Terra Nova

Day-night cycle, Dynamic weather system, More minigames, VR integration, Linux availability

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