The Medieval Age is at its peak in the magic-filled world of Elysia, where legions of steel knights and arcane sorcerers are fighting side-by-side on the battlefield as the rulers of the land wage wars of conquest against each other to establish their dominance.

Yet one nation has distanced itself from such volatile and deadly conflicts, its monarchy believing these struggles to be futile: the Kingdom of Teronar. As nationalism spreads throughout the continent, tensions between the kingdom’s people and those of neighboring lands continue to mount. Finally, angered by the unwavering neutrality of the government, a group of treacherous citizens revolt against the monarchy.

Armed with black market weapons and aided by sympathizers from the kingdom’s army, the rebels storm the royal palace. While the loyal members of the guard bravely rush to the gates to fend off the attackers, defectors overpower the royal protective escorts and take the monarch and their family to be executed in the dungeons deep below the palace.

Just when all hope seems lost, miraculously, the Grand Sorcerer of Teronar teleports into the dungeons to rescue the monarch, unshackling them and desperately casting a powerful reality-bending spell just as the defectors rush to eliminate the threat…

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