We enjoy making games, and we wanted a deeper level of teamwork. We thought that adding "coding" into the game would make it even better.

What it does

Terminal is a two person co-op game that relies on a user input from the keyboard and a joystick controller. By working together they can can pass through multiple levels

How we built it

In Lua using the Love 2D engine

Challenges we ran into

Time was one of the biggest challenges we faced over this hackathon, having only 36 hours to develop a game, required teamwork from all aspects of our group. From our art designer to music and our programmers we worked around the clock to make sure that the game was functional and fun.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Playable game that has currently two levels to play through. The teamwork and knowledge we gained through multitasking

What we learned

Time management and communication were key to making sure that all factors of the game were being considered. Especially for the programmers when pushing their code individually to the master git branch.

What's next for Terminal

Definitely more levels, more commands, and we would furthermore continue making graphical and musical improvements.

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