We were inspired by seeing how many teenagers needed mental help in school, but never gained the courage to talk to a counselor.

What it does

This app which is on android, IOS, computer, and telephone enables people to anonymously talk to a therapist bot for free. This is because the therapist is bot with AI! The bot asks how the user is feeling, and takes actions accordingly, whether that be referring them to help or just saying a comforting message, or even just listening to them talk.

How we built it

We used Dialogflow embedded into an html page, and used Dialogflow's easy integrations to integrate it into calls. We also created an IOS and Android app from scratch! We also used Asura for data analytics on our website.

Challenges we ran into

  • Implementing Hasura into the website
  • Connecting Diagflow to the IOS app and Android App
  • Adding a ton of data to make the bot very reactive and real ## Accomplishments that we're proud of We created a therapeutic bot that could actually be implemented in real life! This is tremendous because since this is targeted toward children, they can confess and use this to lower depression and anxiety! ## What we learned
  • How to use Asura/GraphQL for Data
  • How to use and create bots using Dialogflow
  • How to use JQuery and Ajax functions in a website
  • How to make POST requests in Swift

What's next for terapeut

The next steps for terapeut are to get more beta testing. After getting more beta testing and making sure it is ready for market, we would market it to specific small schools. We collect data about how it impacted the school, and if the students liked it. If terpeut was proven a success then we would try to implement it in the entire school district, and market it to all schools. If not, then we would move back to beta testing and make it better, and keep cycling!

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