Are you tired of having to open and close each result after you Google something, wasting precious time you could be using on producitivity? Then Tentabs is for you!

Tentabs is a chrome extension that will open the first results of a Google search in indiviual tabs to enhance your browsing experience.


  • Install Tentabs.
  • Click on the Tentabs extension icon in the upper-right corner of your chrome browser.
  • Make your search.
  • Ta da!


  • Specialized shortcuts to iterate through the tabs left or right simply using Option/Alt+Right or Option/Alt+Left.
  • Conservation of original Google list-style search results; just go back a tab.
  • The first tab's loading is priotized.
  • Opens a new window, if and only if other tabs exist in the current window, to prevent clutter.
  • A slider to vary the number of tabs to open, just in case ten is too many.

A HackRice 9 Project: September 20th - 22nd

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