Have you ever miss birthday gifts for your friends? Is it too late when you realize “today is the day…”? Yes. But we NEVER want to send them a cheap e-voucher or e-tickets, especially if its for dear-friends, precious or family.

What it does

Send an one-and-only birthday gift list which you can create with our chat bot in 5min. You will never miss the birthday gift again.

How I built it

-Using chatfuel with zalando shop api on Facebook Messager. -ahop API zalando -facebook graph API

Challenges I ran into

-expand the chance to use fashion ec more often in usual days.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-Easy to use -Feasibility

What I learned


We're not developper but cnofidenty can say that we have grat ideas. For next time we should learn more about developping. And find some possibilitied in ec biz.

What's next for "YOUR PROJECT"

We want to up LINE(most famous SNS in Japan) chat-bot service based on the idea.

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