We are trevelling a lot during last time, however, we usually have only 1-2 days for sightseeing and it's completely impossible to plan a short trip in any new place and choose a place to visit. Therefore we were glad to implement something which solve this problem. And we were happy to do it in gamified way with emoji

What it does

Our application let you choose emoji according to your mood and current interests to get the corresponding route wich you can follow with the time you actually have

How we built it

We've created a smart mapping between emoji and places on the Google map, implemented the engine for creating a route and have prepared a simple user-friendly interface for real people

Challenges we ran into

We've never seen each other and never used Google map API before

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We came up with idea of emoji and saved a lot of precious time, therefore, we don't have to build input mechanism because emoji included in any smart phone by default :)

What we learned

This is the most straight forward hack we've ever participated, and we learn that better product/project could be done not only in a hard way but also in a smart one

What's next for Tensy

We are looking forward to pitch our application on the main stage to share our solution with Jury, organizers of the hackathon and other participants and see their reaction. It will inspire us and then we will certainly continue developing our App because we actually really like it :)

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