Tensr was conceived and built for Meteor's October 2015 global hackathon. Inspired by the simplicity and eloquence of the classic game of Go, Tensr aspires to create a game of high-speed social evolution at scale. Where two minds encircled each other in the ancient game of Go, Tensr plays in real-time, with unknown, unpredicatable forces coming together both for and against, to organize and evolve... or be devoured.

What it does

Tensr uses the same basic game play as Go, except that each player controls only one piece at a time.

Use the ARROW KEYS or CLICK (TOUCH on mobile) in the direction you want to go.

Capture the opponents' cells by surrounding them with your team. If a cell is linked with its teammates, surround the entire group... so they have no "free" spaces to move to*.

Drop your cell at any time (SPACEBAR). It simply stops moving, and you can rejoin the game as a new cell. New cells are born whenever players enter the game. Once each team has a player ready to join, quickly select the space you want, and both new cells will be born.

At a certain point, the size of the board will automatically expand, thus ensuring that the game continues and gets ever more complex...

How I built it

Lots of love and effort over 24 hours.

Challenges I ran into

I ran into a time crunch, and so was not able to include *the ability to capture multiple cells at once. I also did not include any game ending conditions.

**Edit: Woah, and lots of performance issues when deployed. Will have to rework my heartbeat timer that's doing all the calculations...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I wanted to test out the reactivity of Meteor in a fun, dynamic way. I think I accomplished that. Though I'm curious to see how many concurrent players it can handle...

What I learned

Meteor rocks! I'm only 2 months into using it, and it's rekindled my joy of coding.

What's next for Tensr

Adding the ability to capture multiple cells at once. Adding game ending conditions. Test out (and improve) the performance!! Build a game manager, as well as persistent user accounts with scoring and leaderboards.


matb33:collection-hooks meteor-base

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