Upon attending the pitching session for Global Management of Chronic Disease, the concern that spoke to us most was the struggles of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD's) in refugee populations. A large component of the problem was the lack of clinical resources immediately available to refugees. Regardless of the high demand of refugees seeking medical diagnosis, internal care physicians are not able to thoroughly diagnose of every individual refugee. We quickly connected the dots between technology available on smart phones and this healthcare workflow inefficiency, and were very enthusiastic about leveraging technology to bridge communicative set-backs in refugee camps.

What it does

Our Android application, TenseReport, leverages technology to reduce the time of hypertension diagnosis and treatment in Syrian refugees in Lebanon camps. This tool allows for primary care doctors to generate a diagnostic report consisting of preliminary blood pressure measurements, which is then sent to the internal medicine doctor to analyze and diagnose. This allows for primary care doctors to execute plans rather than waiting on constant communication with internal medicine doctors.

How I built it

Using Xamarin forms, we developed an Android application that allows the primary care doctors to register patients and enter their blood pressure screening data. SQLite was used as our database to store this data, and Xamarin Essentials was used to formulate the diagnostic report and send it an inputted email.

Challenges I ran into

Our team had minimal experience with databases, so data retention proved be a challenging task. Due to lack of time we were not able to implement a database with the complexity we desired. PDF generation in Xamarin was also challenging, especially sending an email to an entered email address.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our team is very proud of developing an Android application walking us through the steps a primary care physician would walk through. While our demo solution was not at the complexity we desired, we are very proud of developing a functional database and email delivery.

What I learned

Our team learned a great amount regarding databases and PDF file allocation in Xamarin. Along with team collaboration techniques, we learned more about application development as well. Aside from technical group our team learned a lot about the Syrian refugee crisis and the capacity of technology to benefit populations similar to refugees.

What's next for TenseReport

Along with generating a diagnostic report we would like to send treatment recommendations to the internal care physician. Having a secondary interface for the internal care physician would also provide a more personalized application, such as e-signing prescription directly within the application.

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