The problem which we solve is quite relevant for DAO.Casino. Our solution can be also easily modified to provide a huge number of applications with wonderful opportunities.

What it does

We provide gamblers with zero-click transactions during the whole game session via Snips voice assistance and Ethereum MetaMask fork.

How we built it

The game:
1) Take an example form DAO.Casino and run it;
2) Develop CSS visualization for dice;
3) Connect visualization to example;
4) Change the example to dice;

Snips implementation:
1) Assemble a Snips board;
2) Run examples;
3) Develop voice assistance for the game;

MetaMask fork with customizable process of txs confirmation:
1) Run Ethereum MetaMask localy;
2) Change it and debug it;
3) Game association with our MetaMask.

Combine and test.

Challenges we ran into

Grand prize:
"Best overall Blockchain project".

Dao Casino Tracks:
"Best DAO.Casino Game";
"Best solution for DAO.Casino Protocol";
"Best Smart Contract";
"Best visualization".

"Best use of Snips technology".

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have started it even without a scratch and reached three huge tasks in two days.

What we learned

How to create chrome extentions;
How to set up Snips voice assistance;
How to create games with DAO.Casino SDK.

What's next for Tensegrity

1) Create easily customizable MetaMask for different applications;
2) Develop a number of popular games with our tools.

Built With

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