This is the beginning of a networked tennis game between the looking glass and oculus. The occulus has kinect controls for the player avatar.

We haven't completed the ball physics for hitting back and forth between players, we also don't have controls for the avatar in the leap motion yet.

We do have two networked avatars with animations between the oculus and looking glass and a Kinect interface for the oculus avatar. Also, some fun assets and cool environment.

There are two main and currently safe branches for the looking glass and the oculus as the two game projects are slightly different. They're kind of like dual main branches. To run the looking glass side, you download the looking glass branch and to run the oculus side, you download the oculus branch. The two are setup to be networked using the Photon Cloud service.

Built With

  • c#
  • hlsl
  • shaderlab
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