The project was inspired by the Phil Lucsok (Paritytech), Griff Green (GiveEth) presentation at EthMagicians in Berlin on July 2018. The idea for the hackathon (developing extension) was inspired by Hudson Jameson (Ethereum Foundation).

What it does

The extension allows you to vote for EIPs, see stats directly via GitHub page and informs you about new EIP votings via notifications.

How we built it

JavaScript (Vue.js, JQuery), Python (Django) + a lot of Beer

Challenges we ran into

We had so tasty food that we spent too much time in the kitchen))

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to work on nonprofitable projects which makes a great impact for Ethereum Community and Ethereum Network.

What we learned

Decentralized governance is not so easy thing...

What's next for Tennagraph Extension

Make Tennagraph legitime and the main instrument for receiving signals from the community. Also, analyze and clustering voters by different groups:

  • developers
  • miners
  • influencers
  • etc. Incentivisation users to install the app or make it part of existing wallets.


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