TenMarks is an online math program designed to help teachers reinforce concepts covered in class and deliver differentiated instruction. Mapped to state and Common Core standards, the program allows for easy assignments, real-time interventions, and actionable assessments. Over 25,000 schools and 2 million students benefit from TenMarks, with data for the current school year indicating a 28% average increase in scores as a direct result of the TenMarks approach of integrated video instruction, real-time feedback, and targeted interventions.

TenMarks is built on 4 core principles:

1) Support must be embedded -- When students get support “in the moment” they’re struggling, they are more likely to leverage the support to master the concept they’re working on.

2) Intervention should be immediate -- Students struggle with different concepts for different reasons. Providing them with instant, interactive remediation leads to an average of 28% increase in proficiency.

3) Differentiation is a requirement -- All students require differentiated, personalized instruction, to fill in foundational gaps, or to enrich and stay ahead. TenMarks makes differentiation easy to implement, without extra resources.

4) Teacher experience must be simple -- The most effective programs are ones that get used. Teachers say TenMarks saves them between 4-6 hours a week.

Here's what teachers, students, and administrators say about TenMarks: http://www.tenmarks.com/j-tmother-testimonials.action

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