Tenebrous Flambeau is a VR horror game built for the HTC Vive at Jamchester 2017. Photophobic creatures will spawn in the peripheral space around the player's field of view and creep towards you until you move both your gaze and your flashlight towards them. By using the Virtual Reality Toolkit (thestonefox) asset pack for Unity we had all the scripts made available to us in engine. Our tasks revolved around supplying the required assets to build the game play loop and atmosphere.

A prototype was developed early in the project but we soon found ourselves struggling to match the theme of the jam "Shape the Future". We initially envisioned a choose-your-own-nightmare simulation in which the player selects a McGuffin (a small radio, an alarm, a phone) to fear for the remainder of the game instead of the photophobic creatures. Our intention was to make the player fear that McGuffin even after they had taken off the headset; thus changing their behaviour and shaping their future. Difficulties arose from implementing the ability to select a McGuffin at the start of the game due to time constraints so we opted for a simple mechanic even if that meant forfeiting the link to the theme.

We are satisfied with providing an innovative and substantial experience only the HTC Vive can offer. By keeping our scope low we have been able to construct a solid game we are happy to submit to the Jamchester 2017 judges.

Tenebrous Flambeau will be continued as a university prototype, preparing one student for their final university project as they are intrigued by how effective the gaze based mechanic has been for the horror VR genre. They will take this research and refine it for their final year honours project.

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