Have you ever seen something amazing, reached for your phone to show your friends, and missed Beyonce walk by at her concert because you were looking for Snapchat? Well, I have and I decided to do something about it.

Every time we want to use an app, we have to pull our phones out, unlock them, close the app we were in, and then dig through 5 pages to find the app. If our phones are so "smart" then why doesn't it feel that way? With TendTo, all you have to do is pull the phone out and the app you want is already on the lockscreen waiting for you! Using a mixture of geofencing, calendar events, user activity, and more, TendTo knows what apps you want before you get to the lockscreen.

Oh, and the best part? After the first time you open the app, you never have to open it again. The notification IS the UI so you only use it when it suits your needs!

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