Many people lack an understanding of B2B sales. The ecommerce online B2B market is still in its infancy because procurement teams can not just simply log in and purchase materials and services for corporate consumption. These transactions must typically go through a tendering process or existing contractor.

As such, sales teams need to be made aware of existing tenders. Even more crucially, they need to be aware of tenders raised by organisations with whom they have a pre-existing relationship. The sales team can then assess whether or not they should bid on the proposal.

TendersNow targets B2B Sales teams. The app notifies the sales team of their existing organisations that have outstanding tenders. Notably, these tenders are filtered to reflect the areas in which the sales team offers products and/or services.

We are most proud of the targeted nature of the data presented via TendersNow, the ease by which the sales force can access this information and the timeliness of the data's presentation. The tenders can help the sales team prioritise their efforts by taking into account the size of the contract, the closing date, prior bid success rates, et al.

We are confident that your sales team will report higher confidence in their ability to connect with prospects at the right time and to address their needs with the right product or service.

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