More often than not, the process of choosing a place to eat with friends is painfully slow and time-consuming. People of all ages have had this issue. The hassle of deciding on a restaurant can become even more daunting when trying to organize large-scale events for 100+ persons without knowing how the group feels about food.

Instead of living with these difficulties, we decided to resolve them by creating Tender4Food.

Tender4Food makes choosing a place to eat a quick, simple, and fun activity. Linking the app to Facebook connects the user with friends and family, and after making a Tender4Food room online, the app can display the top 10 restaurants based on everyone's mood within a minute. Anyone can search and join rooms. Once everyone's connected, it's time to work the Tender4Food magic and help the group decide where to eat. No matter how indecisive a foodie may be, by looking at various pictures of food, someone can either swipe right for yes (they could eat that), left for no (not feeling it), or up/down for maybe (or indifferent).

Randomizing pictures and allowing multiple voting sessions for the same person ensures that the most amount of data is obtained, and from that data, the leaderboard of restaurants shown for a Tender4Food room is comprehensive and detailed. The best part is that anyone can poll their input at anytime from anywhere, making the experience a speedy, easily-accesible way to get a group of opinions.

Tender4Food polling results can be sorted either by restaurant of food category.

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