A leading problem in schools across the nation is students’ lack of ability to manage their time. This often leads to missed deadlines, failed exams, and ultimately dropouts. In order to mitigate this issue, we chose to attack one of the major symptoms: cramming.

What it does

Users create an account to attach topics & questions to. Next, they select questions to be messaged to them via SMS in order to quiz themselves & better understand the material.

How we built it

The new MongoDB Stitch "backend-as-a-service" along with Twilio's API covered most of the back-end. Our front-end consisted of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

Creating project requirements that were do-able in the timeframe with the tech-stack. Ideally, we would have the answers sent at intervals with the ability for users to configure their preferred start time, end time, and granularity. We considered having users respond with the "correct" answer but this can prove difficult for anything except the most trivial answers.

Further, had some difficultly dealing with the documentation regarding MongoDB vs MongoDB Stitch and the minor differences in how some of the API functions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Picking up new technologies & APIs (MongoDB Stitch & Twilio) to create a simple-yet-effective solution to a problem that we ourselves have faced.

What we learned

A better grasp on using the features provided by MongoDB Stitch & utilizing a NoSQL database solution.

What's next for Tenastudy

Looking into implementing features that did not make the MVP.

Built With

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