With constantly increasing demand for rental housing and constantly fluctuating numbers of properties, TenantFindr will improve the tools that tenants have for locating available properties and improves the tools that property managers have for managing properties and connecting with future tenants.

Our minimum product at this point is to show how property managers can add properties, and how they can create special links for use on craigslist or other sites, that link to a properties landing page. These pages have a simplified application form to quickly begin the application process without having to worry about open houses, phone calls or emails between tenant and property managers. As property managers go through the normal day to day managing these units and properties, each landing page automatically updates itself.

Our Python Open Source project was created as a bare minimum Salesforce + Django + Heroku quickstart from the TenantFindr project. It is already available on Github here: https://github.com/eosrei/salesforce-django-heroku

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