Landlords rarely provide their tenants with receipts when paid. If your landlord loses your transaction data - it may be their word against yours.

Tenants need an app that can record the details of transactions they make including:

  • Who payment was made to (the payee)
  • Payment amount
  • Payment type (instrument)
  • Purpose of payment
  • Date payment was made
  • Who accepted the payment

Solution: paid it!

A mobile app for clients facing eviction due to lack of evidence to present in legal cases.


  • Tenant gets a check, money order, etc.
  • Tenant fills out the necessary information, such as the payee (the landlord or property agent), the purpose (rent, security deposit, utilities), and endorse it.
  • Tenant opens **paid it!** and snaps a photo of the check, etc.
  • Tenant uses the app to enter information about the transaction, such as:
  • the payee
  • the amount
  • the purpose of the payment
  • the date
  • the type of payment.
  • Tenant uses the app to get a signature of the person accepting the payment.
  • Tenant saves the transaction information.

How we built it

We identified key technical issues and created a proof-of-concept using iOS and Android platforms. We then developed personas, created user flowcharts, and white-boarded the application process.

What's next for paid it!?

We'd like to explore the needs of our target audience in greater detail, and create more detailed personas for our test scenarios.

Cloud storage is also in this app's future, which would allow greater support for our users on whatever platform they pick up.

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