Gesture recognition is a powerful tool, and one of the fastest ways to learn something is with a teacher. With machine learning and gesture recognition, we can give feedback to players against an "instructor" set of data from one of our teammates, Kat, who has played tennis since she was three.

What it does

We trained a machine learning model with correct and incorrect data to see if your stroke is good or not good.

How we built it

Sheer willpower.

Challenges we ran into

Training the gestures Bluetooth Crappy hardware How to use Expo without knowing how to use expo

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Beautiful UI LEDs

What we learned

Despite having little documentation, is pretty great Machine learning takes time Hardware takes time Giphy is really cool

What's next for Ten Out of Tennis

Enable functionality for left handed people Measure the activity level/ how many calories are burned by player More gestures Monitor footwork Add sound

Built With

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