Through hackathons and various other group projects, you work with a variety of individuals that you may not ever talk to for the rest of your life. It is unethical to give them access to all of your personal information and past via Facebook, nor is it ethical to give them your phone number. While creating group chats on Facebook Messenger may be the social norm, individuals have access to other users' entire timeline, a whole page about their past experiences.

What it does

Thus, we have created a solution that allows users to interact with other people through a chatroom. The chatroom is accessible through an app. The user can choose to create a room or join a room and will then be able to talk to other users. After the allotted time for the chatroom ends, users will not be able to message in the chat room, nor will they be able to connect with other users.

What's next for TempTalk

The next step for TempTalk is to create the mobile version of the design using Android Studio and XCode so that we can release both on the Google Play Store and on Apple iOS. In addition, we plan on integrating encryption to the chatrooms to make sure that the information cannot be accessed through unconventional means.

Built With

  • adobe-xd
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