Game Functionalities: Super Meat Boy, Metroid, Mario Graphical Assets: Terraria, Fez, Castle Crasher Music: Celtic and medieval times

What it does

Forces the player to balance speed and strategy in a fast paced, high action environment. The player is able to control the speed of the runner and the direction.

How I built it

Built using Unity under C#, Music made using Logic.

Challenges I ran into

Collision detection Matching the tempo of the two different tracks Matching the graphical assets

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We thought that the game has a unique core mechanic and a equally unique art style. We got through the development of the game without any arguments (and sleep). Proud to have met my team members as we were strangers before.

What I learned

That I only need 30 minutes of sleep in 24hrs. ... and of course, how to employ better coding practices when using C#, Unity and game development in general within a team environment.

What's next for Tempo Templar

Fix the game... And then add more exciting features such as: -More zones -More bosses -More Obstacles -Dynamic environments (moving platforms) -Leader-boards/azure integration -Procedural generation

Built With

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