NJIT Club Fair.

What it does

We created a website and a mobile application. The website is used by clubs and organizations. They create accounts that have QR codes attached to them. The app is used by the people. They place their info in the app, and scan the QR codes also using the app. The app will automatically send the user's data back to the organization, where they can either view it on the website, or download it as an Excel spreadsheet.

How we built it

We started with a backend API, REST. This is the "brain" of our project; it manages and connects all of our various components together. From there, we moved onto the organization side of Tempo, which allowed us to start registering organizations and developing the core functionality that Tempo advertises. Finally, we moved onto our mobile client, which is the most visible aspect of Tempo.

Challenges we ran into

Well for one, we have never touched Dart before this hackathon, so we had to learn Dart from square 1. That was our main issue, as we were at least somewhat familiar with everything else we were working with.

Accomplishments that we're proud of and what we learned

We have a significantly stronger hold on how a React project structures itself, and where to place images and css to work with the components we've created. We also learned how to make a functional cross-platform mobile application using Flutter. Additionally, we learned to use a backend API to learn how to communicate between our two client applications. Finally, we learned how to efficiently prioritize particular functions of our applications within the limited time constraints.

What's next for Tempo

There are a lot of cool tidbits we could add to improve the quality of life for the website and the app.

  • The general layout of the app could use a lot of work.
  • The ability to edit your organization name, email, and description.
  • Delete all users from the table, and delete specific users.
  • The ability to customize some of the info that you want from users.
  • More!
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